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With 30 years of expertise in thinning hair, Nioxin offers a wide range of hair products and scalp treatments that help optimize the health of the scalp resulting in youthful, healthy-looking, and often thicker hair.

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System 1

for thinning natural, non-colored hair amplifies hair texture and protects hair against breakage.


System 2

for thinning natural, non-colored hair delivers thicker, fuller hair, while protecting every hair strand against damage.


System 3

for thinning colored hair, amplified hair texture and restored moisture balance


System 4

for colored hair with progressed thinning, for denser looking hair and restored moisture balance


System 5

for chemically-treated, bleached, permed or straightened hair with light thinning


System 6

for chemically-treated, bleached, permed or straightened hair with progressed thinning



Nioxin's range of thickening hair styling products for thin or fine hair, deliver fuller, thicker-looking hair while caring for your hair and scalp. No hairstyle is off limits.


Scalp & Dandruff

Don't be stressed by dandruff! Discover Nioxin's range of products and treatments for dandruff. These products will cleanse and soothe the scalp, leaving it flake-free.


Scalp Relief

Complete care for scalp and hair, that soothes and hydrates the scalp*, strengthen its natural barrier**, and helps thicken the hair from the 1st use.

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