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halo couture fall toppers at Ciro's Hair Pavilion | Elmwood Park, NJ | Hair Salon

Innovative Thinning Solutions

The Halo Couture Fall Topper Collection is expertly crafted to offer innovative solutions to meet each client's unique need. Choose based on desired fit and results - The Original Fall® for maximum coverage or The Hybrid Fall® for more subtle coverage.


The Hybrid Fall®

The Hybrid is a lightweight version of The Original Fall®, created with a combination of hand-tied and machine-sewn technology and paired with a fabric base to deliver a seamless and natural blend. Our lightweight Hybrid Fall® topper design provides natural but subtle coverage and volume with added relief for fine or thinning hair.

Halo Couture Hybrid Fall Topper | Ciro's Hair Pavilion | Elmwood Park, NJ
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Halo Couture Original Fall Topper | Ciro's Hair Pavilion | Elmwood Park, NJ


The Original Fall®

The Original Fall® is a hand-tied, breathable topper with a lace base, perfect for clients wanting maximum volume and coverage. The damage-free design is gentle on fine or thinning hair. The Original Fall® conceals hair loss, thinning, and new growth between color services while adding length and fullness instantly.

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