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Our Guide to Summer Hair via Wella Care

Our Guide to Summer Hair  via Wella Care
Our Guide to Summer Hair via Wella Care

Tips & Products to Protect Your Hair

1. Rinse and wet hair before and after swimming

This is a crucial step to remove any dirt and oils from your body, so they don’t end up on the bottom of the pool, but it’s also helpful to prevent chlorine/salt water damage to your hair. Rinsing your hair allows the hair to absorb clean water, minimizing the amount of chlorine water that is absorbed.

2. Apply protective products on wet, clean hair

If you are especially worried about the effects of chlorine/salt water and sun on your hair, you can purchase a product to apply to your hair to help block chlorine from penetrating your strands & block UV. *PRO TIP: apply a hair mask to damp hair and braid it—don’t rinse. It helps to create a barrier, so that the saltwater can’t penetrate the hair.

INVIGO Miracle BB Spray

Beautifying Spray for color vibrancy, detangling, and smoothening. This beautifying balm leave-in spray visibly enhances color vibrancy. For beautiful, tangle free and smooth to touch hair. With Brilliance-Blend™ Copper encapsulating molecules maintain vibrancy. Histidine and Vitamin E help to control the oxidation process after coloration and to protect color. With Lime Caviar which is known to contain various anti-oxidants and vitamins.

EIMI Pearl Styler Hair Gel

Create a teasable hair texture with unique shine by using Wella Professionals EIMI Pearl Styler. Formulated to help protect hair from the effects of UV, this professional styling gel provides a pearl shine finish and definition to the hair. Wella hair gel gives flexible, strong hold, enabling you to craft tousled and texturized hairstyles.

3. Apply a leave-in protectant on dry hair and wear a swim cap

Essential care oils act as a protective layer to prevent sun, chlorine, salt water and other pool/ocean chemicals from being absorbed into your hair.

EIMI Perfect Me Hair Lotion

This professional beauty balm repairs and moisturizes hair, adding shine and smoothness for a luxurious feel. Wella lightweight hair lotion tames fly-away hair and frizz, while protecting the hair from the heat of styling tools.

EIMI Ocean Spritz Hair Spray

Create an undone beachy hair texture with Wella Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz. This professional salt spray helps protect hair against dehydration and negative effects of UV rays. Wella Ocean Spritz hair spray with natural mineral salt provides light hold and adds texture to the hair, enabling the creation of natural-looking beach waves using just your fingers.

Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray

Craft and finish any hairstyle with Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray. This professional non-yellowing (perfect for blondes :)) workable & brushable finishing spray helps to protect hair from the negative effects of humidity, UV rays, and heat. Fix or work any hairstyle, giving a strong hold and finishing touch to the hair with Color Wow versatile hairspray.

EIMI Glam Mist Shine Spray

Finish your glamorous style with dazzling shine thanks to this luminous shine spray. Formulated to help protect hair from the effects of humidity and UV.

4. Condition before and after swimming

Extra hydration is the foundation for hair protection.

Wella Fusion Intense Repair Mask
Wella Fusion Intense Repair Mask

Fusion Intense Repair Mask

Provide hair protection against breakage formulated with silk amino acids leaves hair feeling cared for and helps to increase resilience against breakage.

ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask

Intensive Restructuring Mask for Colored Hair that provides strengthened hair structure, shine and lasting manageability. With bond structuring agent from WellaPlex.

INVIGO Blonde Recharge Color Refreshing Conditioner

Refreshing Conditioner. Helps to fight brass for blonde brightness and vibrancy.

5. Use clarifying shampoos after swimming

Clarifying and follow up with a conditioner after swimming, regardless of your hair type. This helps wash away any remnants of chlorine from your hair.

Wella INVIGO Aqua Pure Purifying Shampoo

A clarifying cleanser to be used weekly that is specifically formulated for all hair types. Gently neutralizes the “hard water” mineral deposits on hair and removes chlorine effect, styling product, and other environmental build-up.

6. Moisturize your scalp

If your head is dry or flaky, avoid too much sun exposure and hydrate your scalp.

Nioxin Scalp Relief Soothing Serum

Leave-on treatment that soothes immediately sensitive, dry, and itchy scalp, while helping to increase the thickness of each hair strand. Formulated without parabens and colorants. With Aloe Vera, a scalp neutral pH, and a clean label fragrance.

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