Nioxin Strong Hold Hairspray

Nioxin Strong Hold Hairspray


Nioxin Professional  | Styling | Hairspray


Gain extra hold and a long-lasting look with 3D Styling Niospray Strong Hold Hairspray. As one of Nioxin's professional hair styling products, this Strong Hold spray helps to boost hair diameter and protect hair density for fuller-looking hair. Nioxin 3D Hairspray with Pro Thick technology provides maximum hold for a thicker, fuller* look. This dermatologically tested professional hair product helps care for thinning hair without compromising on style. (*vs. untreated)


Features and Benefits 1 Styling hairspray for a long-lasting and fuller* hairstyle (*vs. untreated)
Features and Benefits 2 Scientifically engineered to increase hair diameter
Features and Benefits 3 Provides extra hold and protects hair density
Features and Benefits 4 Recommended for medium to coarse hair
Features and Benefits 5 Dermatologically tested
Features and Benefits 7/Concern thinning hair, thin hair, fine hair
Features and Benefits 8/Result Long-lasting look with a strong hold

Use on clean, dry hair. Style hair as desired and spray to finish your style.

New 3D Styling works with the existing Nioxin care routine to give you the complete solution to thicker, fuller-looking hair.




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